Saturday, March 26, 2011

Valued Farmland in Washington State

Sprawl by Arcade Fire

Wednesday was a gloriously sunny day spent in part mapping a channel migration zone on a stream northwest of Lynden, Washington. The farm land around Lynden is the best and largest farm land in western Washington. It makes Whatcom County the number one agriculture county in western Washington. And on a per acre basis some of the highest yielding land in the state. I'm not sure words are needed when considering how we value the best farmland in Washington State. Pictures say it best.

Green field development

Looking at the back of the city limit sign at the land's potential for raspberries

Ready to build for economic development - just what industry is in that big building?

Job creation? And how many jobs were lost in the ag sector


Lisa McShane said...

Fantastic post!

Stone-Loke said...

I think everyone should buy more stuff. Then we can build more storage units so people can have a safe place to keep all the stuff they obviously so desperately need and then we can pave over more farmland to build all those storage units, and of course more roads to get to the storage units. Let's just get it over with. Pave the world and get rid of all that dirty dirt.

Stan said...

This posted sequence needs to get to prime time. Thanks Lisa for posting it on you Facebook page I'll do the same. The photo's say it so very well. What are they thinking?

Paul Anderson said...

Good post Dan!
But wait there is more - could we support all of this sprawl Stone-Loke without coal and tar sand refining in our future?

matthew j moses said...

Welcome to consumerism...