Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami in Japan- Lots to Ponder for Washington State

On the east of of Japan the Anthropocene met a very non anthropogenic force. The deposits left behind by the tsunami will be markedly different than those in the past. Between the earth quake in Christchurch New Zealand and this most recent event in Japan there is much to be learned for residences of Washington State.

Location where most of the videos I have seen of the tsunami are centered near Sendai, Japan

Warnings have been issued for the Washington coast and other west coast areas of North America. The tsunami will have spread out and will be significantly weaker when it reaches the coast. I am particularly interested in how the wave will behave when it arrives at Discovery Bay. The shape of this bay makes it a bit more vulnerable. I have noted large wood on the shores at locations well above even the highest winter waves/high tides that I have speculated are tsunami related.

Entrance to Discovery Bay with Protection Island on the right and the low point is Diamond Point

Beckett Point, near the entrance to Discovery Bay 

Very old logs on the back beach at Beckett Point.

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