Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sun, clear views and no bugs.

I had a bit of field work yesterday. Being outside yesterday is about as good as it gets. Glorious views of the North Cascades and BC Coast Range, the temperature in the 60s, warm sun, the vegetation has not leafed out so visibility in the under brush is maximum, and because it was the first warm day all year there are no bugs yet. Other than minor encounters with blackberry canes, the field work was enjoyable and interesting. No details on this project as discretion applies even more than normal - the down side of working in the private sector, or maybe that is the up side.
Mount Baker on the left, Twin Sisters on the right, dark ridge in foreground is Suumas Mountain and foreground is farmland north of Lynden on Sumas stade glacial outwash.

Mount Baker is a volcano. The Twins Sisters is a block of dunite (mantle). Sumas Mountain is a melange of all sorts of rocks with the added delight of massive deep-seated landslides including the asbestos containing Swift Creek slide. Great geology and great views.

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