Monday, January 10, 2011

Steaming Mount Baker

Working from a remote computer the pics I posted yesterday did not take on the blog. The trend of the low pressure system passing north of Washington is holding so it looks like snow turning to rain late Tuesday into Wednesday.
As for steaming Washington Volcanoes, Dave Tucker will be presenting a talk on Mount Baker January 20, 12:30 at the Whatcom Museum, 121 Prospect Street, Bellingham, WA. You can see the steaming mountain and gets lots of information about Mount Baker HERE and several steaming mountain shots from Sunday You can also get Mount Baker T-shirts at the site. I am wearng one right now!

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Dana Hunter said...

That's so cool! It's amazing, living in an area where the volcanoes gently steam in the cold winter air. Luckily it's only gentle steaming rather than explosive erupting right now!

Thanks for the links!