Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aerial Combat Over the Chuckanut Range

Four ravens and a young bald eagle

I had a rare sunny day near the south end of Cuckanut Drive in northern Skagit County in early January. This is the place where the Cascades meet the sea. Bald eagles as well as other birds and for that matter a few humans (parasailers and hang gliders) use this are to soar along the uplifting air as it rises up the south and west slopes of the Chuckanuts. Apparently all is not peaceful in the sky over the Chuckanuts. I watched a great aerial combat between groups of ravens and bald eagles. The ravens kept up their assault for a half hour until the eagles stopped soaring by. I leave the wildlife photography to those with better cameras. 

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Dana Hunter said...

Ah, yes. The glory of nature. Somehow, it's these bits people seem to overlook when they're telling us how we should be wise and peaceful and cooperative just like nature.