Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Orcas Landing Feeder Bluff

I visit Orcas Landing on a regular basis as it is the location of the ferry landing for Orcas Island.

For shoreline wonks there is an example of an armored feeder bluff just to the east of the grocery store.

Feeder buffs are eroding shoreline bluffs that provide sediment (feed) to beaches. By lining the feeder bluff with a rockery armor at the top of the beach, erosion of the bluff is stopped. The result is a well vegetated bluff as well as a protected road at the top of the bluff. The unarmored bluff further to the east (right in the picture above) has eroded with the subsequent loss of vegetation. The downside of armoring feeder bluffs is that the beach becomes starved of sediment and non armored areas may see a substantial increase in erosion. The loss of sediment supply from erosion will also lead to the loss of the beach. 

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