Monday, May 21, 2018

American Camp Foxes

Red Fox on San Juan Island

Before starting a short hike to observe the dune field and wave cut terraces at American Camp, I noted the warnings at the end of the road about not feeding the foxes and keeping a 75-foot buffer from them. The fox above seemed to understand that rule as the fox maintained about a 75-foot distance from me as it went about its business.

The foxes are clearly habituated to humans, and have thus become a park attraction. The fox in the San Juans is a part of the complex dynamics of shifting ecology as a result of the introduction of non native species (the fox is only one of many), land use change, and cultural change. The non native fox is a part of that mix. Many of the foxes on the island are not red. 

Adventures Northwest (the-foxes-of-san-juan-island) has a good write up on the foxes at the park. 

While heading out on Pickett Road, this fox ignored the car as I passed by.

Fox at pull out on the prairie. Note the warning sign about foxes on the fence.

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