Saturday, March 17, 2018

Old Shipwreck in Drayton Harbor

Doing a bit of pre field excursion research I noted a shipwreck along the shore of Drayton Harbor in northwest Washington.   

The map was from 1972. An earlier 1950s map did not show the wreck. The wreck was not part of my purpose and I forgot about until we came across its remains.

It was remarkable sunny clear late winter day. Frost in the morning then sun warming things to about 50. Drayton Harbor is a shallow bay abutting the City of Blaine near the Canadian border. Cleanup efforts that have been really slow and challenging have slowly returned the bay to healthy enough conditions for growing oysters.

The BC Coast Range is the predominant Mountain view.

But the view of Mount Baker is equally nice on a clear day.


akjayme said...

Hello Mr. Dan, I sure am enjoying your posts. I've no idea how I found you actually, but sure glad I did. I live on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska...some 25 years now, and I am pretty tired of being so far away from civilization. Well, maybe I am tired of "alaska culture" such as it is..and I'm looking at the geology of Washington as a choice for my last segment of this time on earth. I have several other people, 4 of whom already live in the NW suburbs and want to conglom with some self sufficiency in WA. Thank you so much for all the informative posts. I was looking at the Mt. Baker watershed, thinking about clean water suppies and being close to the Bellingham port and marine hiway...maybe keeping the Alaska spot for summer retreat and take advantage of the fabulous fish runs. But in the meantime hoping now to look at acres in the flooding or recently moving terrains.
Thank you

akjayme said...

oh jeez..meant NOT to look at acres in the flooding or recently moving terrains