Saturday, March 3, 2018

Foulweather Bluff Adams Apple and Track of Tornado

Foulweather Bluff is at the north end of Kitsap County. To the west of the bluff is the entrance to Hood Canal, a long inlet that extends far to the south. To the east is the continuation of Admiralty Inlet and Puget Sound. 

The peninsula has an outline that suggests a head with an open mouth. I was looking into the geology of the estuary on the neck of Foulweather via the T Sheet (one of the earliest surveys) map of the area. A small hand written note next to the estuary indicates that either the mapper or someone using the map afterwards saw the peninsula as a head as well.

Click to blow up image to read the hand written notes

In addition to the "Adams Apple" note, there is a note north of the estuary stating "Track of Tornado". Some of the early T-Sheet maps emphasized a survey of the timber stands. I am skeptical that a tornado passed across the peninsula as tornadoes are very rare in western Washington; however, concentrated intense wind events do happen and it appears that a large timber blow down had taken place prior to the survey.   

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