Monday, January 15, 2018

Samish Flats Eagle Tree

 After a very colorful sunrise (alas our sunny break is to end), I paused for a bit by the Eagle Tree. 

I counted 16 bald eagles with 13 in the tree, one perched in a nearby tree and two more inbound.

The tree is a well know favorite for Samish Flats birders. 

The tree is a cottonwood and is ideally located for eagles. There are few tall tress on the Samish Flats as much of the land is agricultural fields or too inundated with water both fresh and salt to support large trees. The perch provides excellent views over the nearby Fish and Wildlife lands, the Samish River and Samish and Alice Bays with Padilla Bay not far away either.

The Samish Flats is a northwest continuation of the large Skagit River delta called the Skagit Flats. The Samish Flats cover an area of the delta not currently occupied by the Skagit.

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