Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Vaccinium ovatum (Evergreen Huckleberry)

Coming across a berry snack while in the field in December is always a bit of pleasant diversion.

I do a fair bit of work on the east and north side of the Olympic Mountains. Vaccinium ovatum is not only common as an understory plant, it can be the predominant plant in some areas.

My sense is that the plant does like moist ground, but a good dry spell and warm summer air gives the plant an edge compared to others. The waxy leathery leaves suggest drought tolerance. The evergreen habit allows the plant to take in solar energy during the winter, another edge compared to plants that die back in the winter.  


susan said...

I'm surprised the bears hadn't eaten them all. Or eaten you!

Nancy said...

We have several in our yard here in Bham, they are delicious tiny spurts! Lovely late berries.