Monday, December 18, 2017

Partially melted gneiss and political art

A bit of non Washington time in Potsdam, Germany. 

Geologists are not the only ones that appreciate a paragneiss that has partially melted.   

This stone counter top was one of several that were displayed in a friend's kitchen design studio. It can a bit tricky interpreting counter tops with little context as to the source of the stone. In this case the stone has been cut to emphasize what I believe are former sedimentary layers. Alternatively the layering could be from magma flow or cumulative layering. The counter edge shows that the counter top has been cut oblique to the layers and this the layers appear thicker than they really are on the counter top.

I enjoyed some a well curated political art exhibit. When Communists Dream by Walter Womacka was a favorite. It likely was viewed with approval by the former DDR government at the time.  

This sculpture of a well known theme was well rendered.

Political movements and the people caught up in them can be like herds of sheep. But there is within any political movement pressure to keep the mask on to fit in. Taking off the mask, one runs the risk of being found out as not part of the team. One can look at the person that breaks from the herd as a leader, but more often than not they are simply no longer in the herd, and in some circumstances the punishment for leaving the herd harsh.

This painting by A.R. Penck is interpreted as a declaration of autonomy. I can accept that, but mostly I simply liked it.

I paused for a long spell at a small bronze entitled Huricane by Jenny Mucchi-Wiegmann 

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