Friday, October 21, 2016

King County Leads the Way on Landslide Mapping Efforts

King County has recently come out with an interactive landslide map ( The project is an impressive effort and may be a good model on how to put together landslide mapping. The iMap is interactive and will be a great resource as further planning and risk assessment is undertaken.

One intriguing example:

The LiDAR imagery shows a huge low-angle liquefaction spread slide in the Tolt River valley. Dragovitch and others (2012) suggest the slide may have been seismically induced and possibly associated with the Carnation Fault.

The reports and a web page associated with this King County effort:

Results of a Preliminary Landslide Investigation in King County, Washington

Mapping of Potential Landslide Hazards along the River Corridors of King County, Washington

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