Saturday, October 29, 2016

Autumn Notes from the Field

Besides the rain which has been much greater than normal (may be the new normal) there are other visuals of fall. I have enjoyed a bit of the fall variety of Washington State the last few days besides simply getting wet.
The cooling weather has brought winter to the high country of the North Cascades. Much of any area above 5,500 feet is already covered in snow.
Fisher Peak, North Cascades
Despite the "Evergreen State" label, there area areas of fall color mostly in the form of yellows.
Cottonwoods, Methow Valley

Cottonwood, aspen and maple, Wenatchee River

Aspen in burned over area, Wenatchee River

Cottonwoods along Wenatchee River
One of the main fall themes of central Washington State are apples.
Apple harvest, Columbia Valley
While some folks flock to the south and sunnier climes, we have plenty of visitors arriving from the north to spend the winter.  

First snow geese on Samish Flats

Most of the harvesting of fields has ended, but farmers still have plenty to do. Drainage is a critical job on the flat lands of western Washington.

Recent drainage ditches, Fir Island, Skagit River Delta 

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