Friday, September 2, 2016

Brown Big Leaf Maples on Vedder Mountain

Vedder Mountain is a steep ridge rising sharply above the nearly flat Sumas Valley and straddles the U.S.-Canada border east of Sumas. Due to slope aspect, soil/rock underlying the slope and perhaps the micro climate that brings periodic severe cold to this valley the steep north northwest facing is covered with a mix stand of trees with big leaf maple being the dominant species. As such this steep mountain wall can be very colorful during the fall. The show of color is highly variable based on weather during the growing season and how long the trees hold their leaves. I have noted this difference before (fall-on-blakely)

Based on a recent visit to Vedder Mountain (September 1), fall color will not be on display this year, at least on the north slope of Vedder Mountain. The very warm year and very dry summer has cause a very early browning and dropping of leaves from the big leaf maples on the north slope of Vedder. 

Vedder Mountain slope above Sumas Valley corn field 

Vedder Mountain from Sumas Valley

View from the ridge line with maple in the foreground.
Other side of valley is Canada

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