Monday, July 11, 2016

Low Tide at Dabob

I had some slope work out at Dabob Bay on the north end of Hood Canal. Dabob is well known to oyster fans. The broad tide flats on the upper bay, warm summer temperatures (see below) and clean water provide ideal oyster growing conditions.  
Average Maximum Temperatures                                         
                                     June   July   August  Sept.
Seattle                              69      72       73         67
Port Townsend             66      70       71         67
Bellingham                     66      71       72         68
Quilcene                          72      77      79         73
I was there during an exception low tide and had some company on the beach.

The folks above were a group of biologists doing a survey of the tidal flat life.
The tide was out far enough to expose the eel grass.

Any plenty of oysters growing on various substrates. These were on glacier erratic boulders.

And not all the holes in the sand. Lots of life within the sand on the tidal.

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