Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bolton Poison Oak and Black Berry

I hade a good geology venture to a favorite hard to get to shoreline bluff. More on the geology for a later post. 
Southwest tip of the Bolton Peninsula with Twin Rivers Formation exposure
One of the challenges on the Bolton and northern reaches of Hood Canal is to be alert for poison Oak.

The poison oak does well on the sunny south facing slopes. I find that it grows on the fringe of snowberry patches. The above small plant is within hard silts right at the top of the beach.

The other more constant bane of field navigation are black berry patches. But the start of the berry season has started, so I at least got a few nice snacks.


Anonymous said...

The thing that always amazes me about blackberries--besides how stickery the bushes are--is how there can be flowers and ripe berries right next to each other on the same plant. I think it is so the birds don't get all of them at once, but not sure. Now I am kind of surprised other plants haven't done that [or have they?]

Upupaepops said...

this is SO early for blackberry, but I am seeing them along roadsides, so that early summer, this Spring, must have worked its magic in spots.