Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chuckanut Weather

The Chuckanut Range is a localized term for the range of mountains between the Samish/Skagit Flats and Bellingham. The range is also described as the location where the North Cascades reach the sea due to the continuous mountainous terrain to the waters edge at this location.
The sharp 2,000-foot plus initial rise creates a bit of localized weather as moist air rises up the slopes. The result is a rapid increase in precipitation in the vicinity of the range. 
View from Bow of Chuckanuts with cloud cap
Rainbow above Chuckanuts at sunset
Foreground is a recent fish and wildlife project on Samish Flats

Clouds on the Chuckanuts

Encountered a bit of snow on the pass (Stevens) when heading to central Washington. The big cool down made field ventures on the east side of the mountains very comfortable.


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