Friday, January 8, 2016

Snow Day

I generally do not like to do field work in the snow. It is not the cold. Snow limits my ability to see and read the landscape. But the snow cover was thin enough at this site that other than awkward footing on snow covered limbs and branches, visibility and access to the soils was adequate. The site was also located in an area that I had done a fair bit of previous work. This trip simply meant confirming a few things.

The snow was on the order of 8 inches with thinner patches in the forest so digging through it was not much of a chore. The soils were well drained glacial outwash and moraine material as expected from previous ventures.

I did get to see some bedrock. Metamorphosed sedimentary rocks with multiple cleavage surfaces and dissolution veins. A future post for that rock's story.

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