Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jails, Geology Disasters and Charters

The last couple of evenings I was out talking policy on jails, geology disasters and planning, and county charter. While I have posted about geology disasters I have not written up anything on jails and charters - maybe some day.

In the KVWV studio with Paul Gazdak, Greg Stern, and Stephanie Kountouros as well as Dave Willingham being the tech guy

Monday evening I was asked to talk about disasters. It has been my experience that emergency planning folks are really well versed in this stuff. I learned way more than I provided. The first part of the show also included a bit on jail planning that Tim Johnson pulled me into - Whatcom County and the City of Bellingham are in a bit of dilemma regarding jail issues (possible post for another day). 

Tuesday evening Lisa and I were at the County Council meeting. This is not the first time and some friends have joked that these meetings are a date night for us. I provided testimony on county charter amendments and the State Constitution regarding Charter amendments - another local dilemma.  

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