Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Field Hazards: Ticks and Seeds

One field hazard that is a particular problem when going off trail are ticks. 

I was a very aware I might be in a tick zone having been near this place about a year ago and finding nearly a dozen ticks on my legs. It has been a long time since I have been bitten in part due to vigilance.

An irritating but significant less threat are the seeds that attached to my socks. June is rather bad for various grass seeds. I had a range of species that I was aiding by moving them to other territory. I try to avoid cheat grass entirely as their seeds are thick and very hard to remove. I believe these were mostly if not all native including the aptly named needle-and-thread grass (Hesperostipa comata). A bit early for the seeds, but it has been very warm.

Typhoon, a favorite band, has several songs inspired by Kyle Morton's encounter with a tick.


YukonJohn said...

Dear Dan, Where were you when you picked up the tics? I'm a bit worried about taking the grand kids out to remote spots this summer. Thanks, John

Dan McShane said...

I was east of Waterville in scrub steppe terrain. On this venture I only saw one tick, but I was a bit careful in how I was going through brush after last summer's encounter. Typically ticks take awhile before they bite so periodic careful inspection will get them. I have not had a tick bite in a very long time, but it requires awareness.