Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Field Work in the Blue Hole

Today was a field day. After several sunny days, filed work was looking like it would be a bit wet.
Heading through the Chukanuts on I-5 south of Belligham

My first field visit was urban with a bit of inside work. A job that requires discretion but I figure this view would not give much away:

Internal concrete wall with buttresses supporting slope above

I then headed over the water via the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry and had a great view of the "Blue Hole".
Whidbey Island on right and Quimper Peninsula on left

The Blue Hole forms on the down wind side of the Olympic Range. It most often forms on the north northeast side of the range. It was a bit more east oriented today with sun on the Hood Canal floating bridge.
View south down Hood Canal with rain in the distance

Alas I did not get full sun on my slope work with the trees screening me, but it made for a much drier day than how it appeared at the start.


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