Thursday, January 8, 2015

Technical Upgrades and the Old Days

I am going through some technical upgrades at work. The march of software upgrades and new systems always catches up with me if enough time goes by and it was time to change my ways.   
A friend recently had an old electronic tool die. I remember once lusting after various calculators and it brought back memories of various points in time and how things were done.  

My first calculator was identical to the one below. It was heavily used for many years but eventually I abandoned it due to a technical advances which are present in the upper calculator. The back breaker was the shift to a lower energy display. The old one needed frequent battery replacement and eventually the lower costs of calculators made replacement a cheaper option than the frequent purchase of batteries.



Geoffrey Middaugh said...

I can lend you my slide rule and a holster to hang it on your belt.

Anonymous said...

Is it a quick draw holster? I've always wanted one of those.

Geoffrey Middaugh said...

Not sure but it doesn't use many batteries.

Dan McShane said...

Geoff: It was pretty easy to quit the slide rule. That said the original battery still works.