Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Risk-Based Land Use Canada

New Westminster, BC and the Fraser River

I'm presenting a short talk on lessons learned or not on landslides at a Risk-Based Land Use Workshop. The workshop is associated with a Risk-based Land-use Guide: Safe Use of Land, Based on Hazard Risk Assessment (Geologic Survey of Canada Open File 7772). Being non Canadian, I am coming at this as a bit of an outsider which means I am learning a lot.

As for lessons I am pushing: landslide run out and LiDAR.

Debris flow run out, Whatcom County, Washington

LiDAR generated DEM of river valley and landslide deposit


fred said...

Where is the slide depicted in the Lidar image?

Dan McShane said...

Lower end of South Fork Nooksack River. The site is a bit east of Deming, Washington.