Friday, December 12, 2014

Snow and Spire: Just Right for the Season

A bit of an opinion and a strong one at that: There is no better "coffee table" book featuring the Washington State Landscape than Snow and Spire. Washington State has been blessed with some remarkable photographers that have been inspired by our landscapes and have successfully passed that inspiration on to others.  

The images in Snow and Spire surpass words. There is one image in the book of a place I had once been. I recognized the location immediately. I had gone there alone. On that trip I did not see another human being for a week. At the time I could not believe there was such a landscape. In my memory the sites I saw fall into the border between reality and dreams. It was a foolish dangerous trip. Get the book - it is a much better way:

I came across this video of John's ventures. Besides the wonder of the images, John has been making some significant contributions to understanding the glaciers in the North Cascades.

Snow and Spire - The Aerial Photography of John Scurlock from Chris Newley on Vimeo.


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