Friday, December 19, 2014

Dirt and Views from Mid December Field Work

A bit short of content and posts due to work and travel and field time. The last two days were classic western Washington mid winter field days - a bit wet, a bit windy and the days are really short. Work was a mix of figuring out dirt and with cloudy views.

Southern tip end of the Bolton Peninsula with
Quilcene Bay on the left and Dabob Bay on the right

Oxidized outwash and drift

Where did this pebble come from? Non Olympic source

Another cut slope - compact glacial advance outwash

Test pit digging to confirm or disprove a theory

Drift plain west of Port Townsend

Looking down a 300-foot bluff and recent slope failure along Strait of Juan de Fuca

Wind riffling the water on the Strait

Whidbey Island, San Juans and Mount Erie