Saturday, September 13, 2014

Porch Poodles, ISIL or ISIS and Scotland

I have been meandering about the Northwest so part of my landscape observations have been overprinted by more than the usual dose of news.  A political observer in my community once described the individuals making constant critical comments "porch poodles" - insistent that something is happening and something must be done but running away from taking any real action themselves. 

This bit of satire from Karl reMarks sums up my impression of the yak fest on ISIS or ISIL and Scotland.

Finally, and drawing from our collective experience as Middle Experts, we must stress that the US should not and must not continue its policy of non-intervention in the Scottish independence question. We must do something. Things must be done. There is a necessity for the doing of things. It’s also the point at which we normally ask the requisite rhetorical question near the end of the end: should we allow Scotland to exist as a small oil-rich country? (Like, do we need another Qatar now?) President Obama must avoid this by arming the Protestants. Or the Catholics.

The entire article is HERE.

More Washington Landscape stuff later.

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