Saturday, September 20, 2014

Haul Road Repaired Below Ross Dam

I got a brief view of the rock slide below Ross Dam at the upper end of Diablo Lake diablo-lake-rock-slide. The slide area was repaired by knocking down the loose stuff and remaining precarious rock and rerouting the access road outward a bit.  
I happened to be taking in the view when the supply barge was pulling up to the upper end of the lake.

The logistics of managing the Ross Dam power house and dam present some challenges. The same applies to management of the lake above the dam. The road referred to as the Haul Road is not connected to any other roads. The narrow steep sided gorge limits access. Equipment, vehicles and materials must be barged up Diablo Lake downstream of Ross Dam and then transported on the Haul Road up to the dam or to Ross Lake above the dam. 

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