Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dodging Redevelopment In Seattle

Had a bit of a slow transit from one project site to another in Seattle and took a windshield shot juxtaposing an old Seattle icon with the newer development.

Super Wash sign from Highway 99

This car wash sign is a Seattle classic that dates back to a different era, but still remains despite the intensive redevelopment that has been taking place the past few years in the vicinity.

The Seattle landscapes have gone through numerous periods of redevelopment. A previous post (sicks-stadium-lowes-and-rainier-valley) noted the change from a baseball stadium to a hardware store and a proposed scheme to redevelop yet again. Since then the rezone of the Lowes site has been approved to allow the redevelopment to go forward.

I ended the day at a project in Seattle's Central District. I did a bit of walking around before dinner and came across this mock up of a public notice sign at a vacant lot expressing the redevelopment wishes of some local creative person.

Proposed pool and trampoline park by a future planning activist

I took advantage of being in the Central District to get dinner at an old haunt from a past personal era. It was good to see this place, like the car wash sign, is still part of the Seattle landscape and not yet victim to redevelopment schemes. I enjoyed my short ends and potato salad.


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Michael Riley said...

You, my friend, know Seattle. The few times I visit Seattle, I do what I can to dine at that place on Yesler.