Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best Toilet in Whatcom County

Composting toilet at Desolation Peak


Gravel Beach said...

What would Jack think? It's the summer of 1956 and he gets up in the middle of the night and ends up writing about composting technology rather than the looming darkness of Hozomeen. It would have altered the course of an entire generation!

I've wanted to visit Desolation since reading that essay in high school - now I've got another reason to go.

Dan McShane said...

Gravel Beach:

There are also lots of shoreline features you could check out on the way to the trail up Desolation.

Sam Crawford said...

USFS maintained? Probably not the most pleasant part of the job for a FS employee.


Anyway, the pic was good enough it is for the moment my computer desktop picture.

Anonymous said...

That might be the best link I've ever seen in a blog's comments.

Dan McShane said...

Sam: Maintained by the Daniel, the fire look out at Desolation and a National Park employee.