Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Maury Beach

My associates over at Coastal Geologic Services have suggested the name Maury Beach Park for the new park on Bellingham Bay in Bellingham. The City of Bellingham is seeking input on name suggestions cob.org/government/departments/parks/projects/cornwall-beach-park-master-plan

Former waterfront garbage landfill at the end of Cornwall Avenue and the future new park

The appreciation of shore forms such as the beach at the site was greatly encouraged by Maury Schwartz (maury-schwartz-has-left-us). A waterfront park named for a scientist that worked on understanding beach processes would be a great way to remind folks that shorelines are dynamic and in a setting like Bellingham Bay take some thought.

There is tendency to call this site Cornwall Beach because it is at the end of Cornwall Avenue. The Cornwall name morphed from the site being called the Cornwall Landfill. The park is a former municipal garbage landfill and has recently been covered with dioxin tainted sediments dredged from the I&J Waterway and covered in white plastic (post the aerial image above).

Dioxin sediment disposal site all sealed up at the former Cornwall Landfill (picture from City of Bellingham)

Perhaps getting more people down to the shore area of Bellingham will generate more interest in doing better with our shorelines. Perhaps naming the beach for someone that cared about shorelines may inspire future Bellinghamhamsters to be more inspired on the waterfront than recent actions (on-waterfront-bellingham-local-poltics). 


Elizabeth said...

I sent in my vote for Maury.


Heidi said...

I vote for Maury!

Tina said...

I have left my comments and vote for Maury ! Tina Robinson

Phebe and Richard said...

Please let Colleen and David know about this - David is an old and dear friend, and knew my Dad.

And thank you for putting the word out! If and when the beach is named Maury Beach, I think we need to have a big wine and cheese picnic in his memory. Well, or maybe just donuts and pie.

-Phebe Schwartz

Dan McShane said...

Phebe: I'll pass a hi to David. A party would be great regardless. I've had numerous pleasant memory chats about Maury over the past few weeks.

Phebe and Richard said...

Saw David when I was in WA for the funeral. One of my brothers found your tribute as well as this post, and we're trying to get as many people to vote for Maury Beach as we can. Dad would have loved having a beach named for him!

And maybe we'll meet some day, and toast his beach!


Anonymous said...

We sent in our vote for Maury.

Brian and Cathy McRorie

Cameron McRorie said...

Me too.