Friday, January 24, 2014

Ezra Klein - I'll be Looking for Your Next Gig

Ezra Klein signs off from the Wonk Blog: wonkbook-so-long-and-thanks-for-all-the-charts. He along with fellow Wonk Blog member Dylan Mathews are moving on. I am looking forward to their next gig.

In the mean time I am leaving Wonk Blog on my side bar in hopes of steering other readers that way. Ezra Klein and Dylan Mathews may be leaving, but it has become an institution with lots of great reporting. Posts by Brad Plumber have led to some of my own posts here. It is the kind of media and reporting we need more of, and they set an appropriate bar on how to report on issues - keeping away from the inane "this side said this and the other side said this", or worse someone who knows nothing be given any credible amount of news time.

Please read Wonk Blog it will be good for you.

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