Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Whatcom Wins Wins

Earlier this year a group of Whatcom County folks got together and said "Let's start a campaign." Sort of like starting a band.
I suppose more than one political band formed. In this case Whatcom Wins pulled off a sweep of the four seats up on the Whatcom County Council. I went the Whatcom Wins election night gig and spent most of the time talking geology with geologist friend. 
County government plays a big role in shaping the future landscape in Washington State. But they do a lot more. Think local criminal justice, public health, emergency medical services, flood control and management, state pass through programs, mental health services. Big stuff and best of luck to the reelected council members and the two new members.

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Shannon Parsons said...

Maybe the council meetings will no longer leave me in utter dispair with this new group and that they will be able to have intelligent discussions of the issues. I have good hope.

Shannon P.