Saturday, September 14, 2013

Terminal Coal Reading

Back in the early 2000s EFSEC reviewed a proposed natural gas power plant in Sumas, Washington  sumas-energy-2-efsec-and-corn-field. It was a huge local issue and after a long review process EFSEC announced its determination before an overflow crowd of citizens. All very dramatic. The determination was to deny the project permit. A rare determination and in fact the only time EFSEC ever flat out denied a permit.

What followed was much less dramatic. The power plant proponent reworked their scheme and reapplied with an application that met every objection that caused he denial. EFSEC then said yes and then..............the power plant was never built.

In regards to the coal terminal proposals, energy market followers are strongly suggesting that the proposed coal export terminals may follow a rather non dramatic path of studies not being completed and no big determinations.

But for silliness, one does have to wonder just what words the Lummi Nation needs to use to be understood by the lawyers working with the Army Corps of Engineers bellinghamherald/feds-still-see-wiggle-room

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