Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geomorphic Photo Glory

This past week I went up to Western Washington University (by up, I mean WWU is up hill from my office and home in Bellingham) to see Dave Montgomery's talk on his latest book The Rocks Don't Lie. More on the book after I read it. Coincidentally, I was contacted the next day by a book publisher regarding the use of the photo above that was on a post on giant glacial erratics glacial-erratics-near-grand-coulee-dam. The book - a text on geomorpholgy by Dave Montgomery and Paul Bierman. I don't know the context of the use of the picture, but it is nice to make a small contribution.
The photo is a view of landslides on the slopes of glacial lake terraces downstream of Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River. The lake formed when the river was blocked by glacial ice from the Okanogan Ice Lobe during the last glacial period.

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