Monday, March 25, 2013

Crop Circle Cinder Cone

Traveling, so I'll be distracted from the Washington landscape.
In the mean time I had remarkable light on the first leg of my trip. More pics later, but I enjoyed spotting this cinder cone hiding out amongst some crop circles in Idaho.

The cone is called Big Grassy Butte and is located in eastern Idaho. It is in an area of low cones and lava fields of mostly basalt associated with the Yellowstone Hot Spot. This area does not have the continental crust component that makes the Yellowstone Caldera so explosive. Big Grassy Butte rises about 150 feet above the surrounding plain and a somewhat smaller than average irrigated crop circle is farmed in its crater.

Google Aerial Location HERE.


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Geoffrey Middaugh said...

I've flown that route quite a few times, and never noticed that particular cinder cone amongst the center pivots. I know some good ones in eastern Oregon too.