Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beyond Post Election Gloating

Nate Silver at has reason to gloat; he picked all 50 states correctly in the Presidential race and in the last week of the campaign had stirred up a fair bit of noise. He got 49 out of 50 last election. He did miss on two US Senate races: Montana and North Dakota. 

In Washington State there should be some gloating. The big winner was Initiative 502 legalizing marijuana. I got to know slightly some of the people that worked on this initiative and put their necks out politically, financially and time wise to support it. They deserve to gloat all they want, but that was not the tone I heard Tuesday night. They are committed to making this work in Washington State.

Alison Holcomb and Cody Swift

Alison was not only the campaign director, but she also did extensive research so that the initiative was well crafted and the initiative itself answered all the questions that would come up during the campaign. Cody committed to this campaign very early on.

Rick Steves

Rick Steves has long been an advocate for changing our drug policies. Rick has pointed out that the only way alcohol prohibition was ended was by states one by one legalizing alcohol. In the case of marijuana, it should be easier as it will not require a constitutional amendment.
Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes came out very early in support before the initiative was placed on the ballot. He provides an excellent description of the Initiative here:

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