Friday, October 19, 2012

LiDAR Reveals Terraces

Last week I noted the evidence of isostatic rebound on the northwest side of Blakely Island in the San Juans isostatic-rebound-on-northwest-blakely as evidenced by LiDAR.

I got out to Blakely this morning and after doing my project took a look at the wave cut terrace slopes. I confirmed that the slopes were underlain by marine drift that appeared to have been reworked by waves. 

Wave cut terraces did not appear very obvious at all in the forest.

A fairly powerful demonstration of the power of LiDAR in interpretation of landforms. I am sure I would have not noticed the terraces given the forested terrain and subtleness of the features.

I did some other explorations on the island for a future post. The airport terminal was not crowded.

Blakely Terminal

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Five Acre Geographic said...

Good geology lesson. What do you do at that terminal for the two hours after undergoing your security check/scan?