Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flood Management in Atrani and Amalfi

While travelling may be motivated by scenery, food, adventure or any variety of things, being an engineering geologist means there are always lots of other interesting things to look at. I had plenty to contemplate while we explored southern Italy on our trip. A while back I posted a video of a debris flow with cars passing through the town of Atrani, Italy. Here it is again:

I got a view of Atrani during our trip.

Atrani, Italy
As can be seen, Atrani is located at the bottom end of a steep mountainous valley. The next town to the west is the more famous Amalfi. Like Atrani, Amalfi is located at the bottom end of a steep mountain valley.
Amalfi, Italy
We made a day visit to Almalfi. I was curious about drainage. Amalfi has flooded in the past with high water marked on the wall of the old paper factory (a different kind of water mark).
High water marks from 1910 and 1949.
The stream has since been culverted into pipes that pass below the street level or more likely the street level was raised to allow the creek to pass below.
Culvert covers over stream
It is easy to picture a flood blowing off the culvert covers and mobilizing the cars.

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