Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Gloaming

Being mid June and fairly far north the term gloaming applies well to our very long evenings this time of year. The gloaming lasts for hours as the sky stays light well past sunset as the sun tracks downward at a low angle below the horizon. For those readers that live west of the Cascades, yesterday seemed like the gloaming was all day long with mild but steady thick misty rain mixed with fog.

There area several bits of music called "The Gloaming", but Jonae's is my favorite. No good YouTube of the band performing The Gloaming, so fireworks pictures will have to do. And 4th of July has a very long gloaming whilst waiting for the fireworks and it also coincides with a shift in weather from the June gloom to the long dry spell of July, August and early September - the time we can all enjoy the gloaming of living near the 49th parallel.

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