Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Few Highlights on the Bellingham to Vancouver Amtrak

I took my first trip to Vancouver from Bellingham via Amtrak on Monday. The rail route is much more scenic than the drive, is very relaxing (we shared some champagne) and avoids the cost of gas, wear and tear and parking. Scenery announcements were made including an announcement for a glacial erratic - White Rock at the beach front as White Rock, BC. Disappointed the rock is actually painted to make it whiter than it really is.  

White Rock at White Rock BC

At Crescent Beach north of White Rock were escorted by eagles. We were told we might see eagles - we saw 17.

After the eagles we had a nice traverse across the tide flats of Boundary Bay.

Shortly before arrival we had a nice view of a swollen and muddy Fraser River. This is the flood season on the Fraser as it floods from high snow melt. The snow pack is very high this year, but the high snow pack has been off set by rather cool and sometimes chilly weather. You don't get to see the Fraser if you take the main highway (I-5 and 99) to Vancouver as the highway goes under the river.

A great way to visit an amazing city. It makes little sense to drive if your business is in the central part of the city. 

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E. said...

"Leaverites"—leave 'er right there—is another nickname for erratics too big to move.