Monday, October 24, 2022

Mary McCaslin - Prairie In The Sky

Mary McCaslin died earlier this month (nytimes./music/mary-mccaslin). Mary McCaslin wrote and sang a number of songs that always stuck with me - enough so that I could sing them through myself years after. Prairie in the Sky still resonates. I believe Mary and I shared a similar romantic view of the West. In elementary school I would always pick 'Home on the Range' whenever it was my turn to pick a song. Prairie in the Sky better captures that childhood longing to be out on the open range and essentially replaced that older song in my music list.    


Hollis said...

Me too! Very nice, thanks.

Unknown said...

RIP Mary McCaslin. Greetings Dan. I've been enjoying retirement since December. Spending time gardening, watching baseball at Nelsons and sailing the San Juan and Gulf Islands (geo-reference books in hand). We plan to make the "big left turn" next summer. I ran into Nick Zentner (Nick on the Rocks) recently at a WWU/CWU volleyball game. Best to you.

Dan McShane said...

Unknown: I do miss Nelsons as I am not in Bham as much. Hope you have Ned Brown's San Juan Geology book.