Sunday, July 12, 2020

Political Sunday: Policy and political empathy

"The heart of politics is not about policy. It's about values. I can disagree with you on eight out of 10 issues, but if you're an honorable, honest, empathetic human being, we can do business." - Charlie Sykes quoted in an opinion piece by Frank Bruni.

During my political era, I did concentrate a great deal on policy and I still work on range policy issues. I great deal of good policy work gets down into the details. Those details matter. Good policy requires honest assessments of those details, but it also requires empathy.

Good business requires honest assessments and empathy. Politics and policy are really not that different. A lot of failed policy efforts forget the empathy part or the honest assessment part.

Likewise, good politics require empathy as well. Of late I have been feeling empathy for conservatives. It can not be easy under the circumstances we find ourselves in.   


dave said...

Never mind that Conservatives have made their own bed here
by vilifying those who happen to disagree
with their constant destruction of those values
Sykes holds so dear.
The problem with subjective appraisals of your fellows
is the hypocrisy required to elevate yourself
above those you pretend to judge.
And, once you've set yourself apart, all politics is lost.

Dan McShane said...

I would not disagree Dave. The result of the lack of empathy but many conservatives has generated plenty of well deserved and very necessary resistance.