Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Orcas, Seals, Dabob Bay and Broad Spit

I was attempting to track down a reference that included the term Broad Spit and got sidetracked by this article from 2012:

The article describes an Orca entering Dabob Bay and swimming along the east side of the bay to the head of the bay and then turning back south and swimming down the west side of the bay to Broad Spit. Just south of Broad Spit her/his mates were gathered to prey of the seals that the lone Orca had frightened.

Broad Spit is a cuspate shoreform that protrudes out from the steep shoreline on the east side of the Bolton Peninsula into Dabob Bay.

Upper Dabob Bay with the Bolton Peninsula on the left and Toandos (or Coyle) Peninsula on the right.
Quilcene Bay is to the west of the Bolton and Hood Canal is east of the Toandos
Broad Spit protrudes from the east side of the Bolton

Closer view of the spit

Broad Spit has been located along the shore of the bay for a long time.

1860 survey of the coast

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matt said...

Nice read! Moving slightly north of the broad spit this Sunday to stay for a year as we begin to develop our land - you made a report for us on 10 years ago, across Bolton on Q bay.