Sunday, August 21, 2016

Drought and a Lawn Weed Notes

This summer has proven to be dry and of late very warm relative to average records. I have had a lot away time from my home, but this has been a dry year for my small garden plot. Good ripening for the tomatoes but they are not as robust as they should be due to my neglect.  
Our other new home base where Lisa has her studio is a new landscape and ecosystem so I do not have a memory of what is normal. So my observations have no context for comparison.
Big leaf maples began dropping leaves a couple of weeks ago

Vine maples are not turning color just drying up

The two maple species have few leaves left

The trail back into the forest has a very fall look although the temperature was in the low 80s

The lawn is dormant but a few green weeds take advantage of the dormant grass

Those "weeds" are habitat
Numerous butterflies and honey bees enjoy the weeds
I missed a photo chance at a favorite - anise swallowtail
The above is an unknown skipper

The rabbits like the same lawn weed

If I have learned anything about this new ecosystem it is that a lawn weed is much appreciated by my new neighbors.

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