Monday, February 9, 2015

Geology: Civilization Take Notice

I always liked this quote regarding civilization by Will Durant and have used the quote in various presentations. Durant rightfully recognized the history of civilization is full of destruction of civilizations by geologic events both fast and slow. I like that geology was recognized by Durant as an integral force in shaping civilization.

As much as I like the quote, I have been rethinking it a bit. I still think it is a very useful quote in regards to geology hazards, but am of the view that "subject to change without notice" part of the quote should be rethought. We can read the notice. Geology tells us what to expect - perhaps not always on a predictable time frame, but we are provided notice. We can recognize volcanic hazards, earthquake hazards, flood hazards and landslide hazards. What we do with that notification is the question now.

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