Monday, June 16, 2014

A Few Other Highlights Far From Washington

A few other notable sites and images from our travels. I find I always learn and gain perspective from traveling.

Every flight means window time trying to figure out where I am and thinking about adventures on the landscape far below. I never tire of seeing the northern latitudes.

Baffin Island and a glaciated landscape with classic valley glaciers and cirques   

A fjord in southern Greenland 

Flooded rice fields west of Milano

The well known history of this volcano (Vesuvius) has not stopped population growth up its sides. But then again the rich soils from this and other volcanoes in the area is partly why this part of Italy is and has been so attractive.
Galleria Umberto
If all shopping malls looked like this, I might frequent them more

Monte Bulgheria above Bosco in Cilent

Fishing with Nicoli, Cilento coast

Football with an ocean view in Lentiscosa

Perhaps the best picture I took
Stone circular stair at Certosa San Lorenzo in Padula

Good road food from the bakery and pasta shop in Sapri

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