Thursday, April 24, 2014

Personal Tradition in Fife

I ventured to Tacoma for a project and wrapped up with a bit of a personal history/tradition. In the early 1990's I spent the better part of a year at a Superfund Site project on the Tacoma Tide Flats. The site was no longer tidal, but had been filled a century ago. 

Just off the tide flats to the east across the Puyallup River is the town of Fife. At the time Fife was still rather small, but was clearly going through rapid change with the old truck farms on the river plain converting to warehouses and other development much of which was associated with increased port shipping capacity at Commencement Bay. 

Along the old highway there was and still remains a burger joint of the past, mostly bygone era - the Pick-Quick. Despite all the changes and all the chain restaurants typical of old highways and adjacency to freeway interchanges, Pick-Quick is still there, and despite the cold rain was plenty busy. I had a burger and a blue berry shake and then braved the traffic for the journey home. The fact is their simple fare is simply good. 

The old motel across the old highway from the old days is gone, but the sign remains. Pretty good sense of humor though for those that know your movies.


Geoffrey Middaugh said...

Vale OR has a Bates Motel too. We'd put up incoming fire crews there. Most people thought they were going to Vail. They were surprised.

Upupaepops said...

the Pick Quik is a treasure that is for sure.