Sunday, December 1, 2013

Practice for the Coming Cold Spell

The weather folks are indicating a bit of a cold spell arriving via outflow winds down the Fraser Canyon in BC and through Bellingham starting sometime Monday.
I got a little cold weather practice this past week as I had some field work in eastern Washington which I combined with Thanksgiving in the old home town of Kennewick. The initial start of my work was cold, but I did have sun. 
Ice in a waste water canal on Waluke Slope
 Foggy morning and the Kennewick-Pasco Bridge over the Columbia River
Winters in the eastern Washington are much drier than western Washington; however, fog does settle in the valleys and after my initial sunny day I had fog the rest of the week.
I flushed a group of deer while working near Walla Walla.
Freezing fog and rose hips

Checking out the crystalline structure of freezing fog on thorns

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