Thursday, January 17, 2013

Icy Multnomah Falls

It is not part of the Washington landscape, but it is close. Earlier this week I had some work in southwest Washington and took advantage of the cold weather to take a short detour up the Columbia River upstream from Portland to see how Multnomah Falls looked in the winter chill. 

Ice coated plants from waterfall spray

Multnomah Falls - if you have not made the stop at the falls, the bridge is foot bridge

The trail beyond the bridge and all hand holds were coated with very slick ice

The upper falls is 542 feet high. It plunges down cliffs that were likely the result of the ice age floods that surged repeatedly down the Columbia River Gorge. The Columbia River is a National Scenic Area that includes both the Washington and Oregon sides of the gorge. There are other waterfalls coming off the basalt cliffs, but Multnomah is the highest.

There is also a nice perspective of the lower falls from the foot bridge.

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